My name is Linnéa.

I like ideas. Sometimes an idea pop into my mind and I feel the urge to make something of it instantly, and sometimes ideas need to mature a bit more.

I really like creating pictures with a story, perhaps they do not always show the beginning and end, but they show moments, adventure and perhaps even mystery. Everything in between.

I am working as an art and english teacher for a living. When I’m not on duty I reside in my art studio at home, which I am also sharing with my partner. If you want to get a quick overview of what I do, please feel free to browse the portfolio. Though, if you want to get to know me a bit better make sure to check out my blog. The aim of my blog is to somewhat see my own process, to see where I was and where I stand. I blog about my art and what inspires me, I usually write a few words to make it easier to follow my mindset too.

Welcome to peek into my world ❤

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For Grandma “Always by Your Side”

I am watching over you until the time is right,

when you let go of this world I will catch you.

Together we walk through woods and fields in full blom,

towards the next adventure.

Those you leave behind will remember you like yesterday.

Don’t worry.

When the time is right for your loved ones,

they will once more be at your side.

The time for catching up will come,

Until then, live and make sure you have a tale to tell.

1945-07-04 – 2015-05-02

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