With a ideas, some magic and hard work I will be updating this page during the winter of 2017/2018.

I am right now attending a course to start my own business, to be able to sell my art more easily and hopefully be able to offer a few more things in time.

In my blog you will find the life of a creative woman who enjoys to reside in her art studio at home. I love my relaxing cups of coffee in company of my bearded man. I like yoga and I like the woods. In my blog you can view my work in progress and drawings.

If you found your way here to just check out what I do, please feel free to just dive into my portfolio. I will re-work the order of things in there, so don’t be surprised if menus change.

Welcome to peek into my world ❤

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For Grandma “Always by Your Side”

I am watching over you until the time is right,

when you let go of this world I will catch you.

Together we walk through woods and fields in full blom,

towards the next adventure.

Those you leave behind will remember you like yesterday.

Don’t worry.

When the time is right for your loved ones,

they will once more be at your side.

The time for catching up will come,

Until then, live and make sure you have a tale to tell.

1945-07-04 – 2015-05-02


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