I love taking walks in the end of the day. Usually I mix my walk with some jogging and usually I have company by Em. Our route is around a wider stream with lots of flowers, greenery and animals. I think when I write this that it sounds wonderful to have a route like that but both of us can get pretty absent-minded. I love to stop and just watch, feel and smell flowers. Em stops all of a sudden laughing at some animals doing something funny.

Something that is also wonderful is to take this route but alone and have some good music in my ears. I have made a certain list for this on my spotify account, the list is called Strömmen which is the name of the stream. If you like the play list you can subscribe and use it as well: ) I like to listen to music with some beat when I’m out, if you would prefer some other music feel free to look through my other play lists.

Em and I tried some half-hearted attempt of power walking, it was hard(!) I won’t give up that easily, this has to be tried a few more times! I googled it and it seems like it’s not only a good way to burn calories but it is also nicer to your body than by example running.

A few days ago when we were out the Magonlia trees bloomed!

If you are out walking, running or just anything, do you have any nice views? Post your blogg in a comment and I can check out your blogg : )

Time to hit the shower!



Carpe Diem



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