Yesterday I had Em at my side, we walk up to this guy who is like 18 or something like that. We ask him to show his stomach, and he does.The fiancé is standing a few paces behind us not knowing us. *Haha* so the real story to it is that we were at a vernissage that our old upper secondary school was having. And one of the students in senior year had made a project around tattoos and he was exploring whether he perhaps want to become a tattoo artist. He had designed a huge lotus flower on his stomach, it was awesome! And that was why we went up to a guy asking to see his tummy!

I have a feeling we will meet again in about a week. On the 21 on may, my school arrange a test-day for applicants ; )

Here are some photos from the event!


The art programme grade 1-3 was the exhibitioners.



It is weekend, the sun is shining on a clear blue sky.


Carpe Diem



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