My b-day is coming up. On the 31 of may I will be 24 years old. So to make sure I reach out to as many as possible, here is my wish-list! And yes offcourse(!) I still make wish-lists : D

Perhaps you would want to know what kind of tattoo the money would be spent on. Don’t fret.

I told meself that I would sketch today, and so I did! So I want something like this on my left upper arm. It is not near finished but it gives you all an idea of what I want! Remeber when I wrote:

“I know I want a really awesome chibi character dressed in a cool kimono, I want it to be a girl and she has to have long hair and a samurai sword. And also have this really cool facial expression.”

Lets see, It is somewhat chibi, it has a kimono, it is a girl, she has long hair and a sword… It feels like I managed to get what I wanted into one picture. The facial expression will come later. What is left to do is to draw up lines… and I will add some other stuff too. Should I get this in colour or in grey, that’s the question??


Note to myself: Sketch more!!


Carpe Diem




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