School day on a weekend


Yesterday I thought; I’ll go to school tomorrow even though I’m off school, and do some good with a painting of mine. I went to school and decided that I would meet up with two classmates, so we could hang out a little. I even made a chocolate cake before I went to bed yesterday. (Easily put, YUM as hell!)

So when I went to school today. And when I step off the train I see noone… damn I thought, they are laying in bed snoozing that alarm clock of theirs! Anyhow, I take the bus to school and heads for our  building. When I cross the little bridge over the stream I take of my sandals and go bare foot rest of the way. If I have failed to mentioned it before my school is in the countryside… far of on the countryside. When I enter the art department I am met by my friends who I thought was sleeping in. One had been partying the night before and the other missed the train and got a ride. Yay! company!

So, we sit down have breakfast together, and share abit of the chocolate cake. An hour later we part to do some good. An hour later I see another friend whom I chat a bit with and we also sit down for an hour and have chocolate cake. And then I go home. So, my day in school consisted of two hours of chocolate cake and chatting and one hour of actual painting.

When I get home I am met by the fiancé and his friend. They like stuff and do things I don’t really want to do, so I get down to business and finish cutting a lino piece.

It was hell but it will be so damn awesome when I print it next week!

My mind was still with lino, and so I started to work on another future print. I have only sketched it up though, I have not started to cut in it yet.

I think I’ll start cutting in it soon and then cut more spontaneous.

I also have a song on my mind, I cannot stop listening to it! I have had it on repeat for a while now. It is an opening song for the anime Hiiro no kakera. I’m currently trying to decide whether it is worth to keep watching. This is not the full version but you will still get the idea, here you go:

Nee – Maiko Fujita

Carpe Diem



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