One day I wake to birds singing outside my window. Next to me lie my husband snoring a little. It is still early but I really have to pee. I never really had to pee this often for a few months ago but times change. I roll to my side to sit up gently. The floor is cold in comparrison to the warmth under my cover, luckily I have my slippers close to hand. On with the robe and off I go. I pass the kitchen and put on some water for tea.

Back into the kitchen I go to the cabinett to get a cup. It’s a good thing my husband helped me rearrange the cabinett so it is easier to reach the cups. I love the colourful cups I made a few years ago, they can hold three normal cups of tea. With green tea in hand I head for the door. Since spring has come to this little patch in the woods I want to sit in the sun on the porch drinking my tea. It seems like the newspaper has arrived put I just have to sit for a few minutes, my back is killing me.

Looking back, it seems like ages ago since we bought this perfect house. It is as I imagine. I got my front porch in the sun where I can drink my tea and I can see trees and hear the birds sing. One thing I did not get, a studio where I can paint. But I don’t mind since I share a studio with a friend in town above a bakery. And yes, we drink tea and eat sweets a great deal.

Now, I better turn on the oven if I want to surprise my husband with some fresh bread when he wakes. He loves to sleep in when he doesn’t have to get up for work. I work too, but for the time beeing I’m home. I feel lucky though, when I get back to work I will get back to what I love doing. Luckily a few years ago, when one of my old teachers at my upper secondary school went in pension I was there at the right time and moment to take over, I work as an art teacher. Time to fill the cup again and perhaps take a carrot.

Bread in oven, check. More tea in my cup, check. It comes as no surprise when my hair suddenly is beeing tousled and I get a kiss on my cheek. The house is creaking, mostly the floors but now and then the rest of the house too. I hear the the loo flush. My husband comes into the kitchen again, he makes a glass of chocolate milk, like he has done for all time I have known him. We take our drinks and go to our sunny porch, I update my wordfeud games and he reads the newspaper backwards, like he always did.

(Photo source: Google)

Imagine this house in red, with a porch, on the edge to the woods. In it lives a couple who are about to have their first child. The husband is as laid back and calm as ever and the wife energetic as usual. They have got exactly what they wanted and another dream is growing inside her belly.

I dream. I lie pretty many steps ahead in my dreams. I want alot, which the fiancé does not object to, but everything has its time and not all plans are doable right now. Some plans will have to wait for at least 4 years and others could come true within a year.

I live as if all my dreams will come true. And in time they will.

Note to meself: Patience woman, PATIENCE! All good comes to those who wait… or something.

Carpe Diem



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