Teachers from yesterday

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I love visiting my old school, I love the atmosphere and I really enjoy meeting my old teachers. I was there yesterday to hand over a print to my old graphics teacher. A friend and I made a portrait of him for fun in lino when we went to upper secondary school. At first it was just for fun, but when we really got into it we took it more and more seriously, we drew him up roughly and then cut the lino at the same time. It was so much fun.

The more I think about my old school, how much I learned and the fantastic teachers, the more I want to work there myself when I’m finished with my teacher studies. Hopefully I will be done in approximately the same period as they lay their jobs behind them. I keep my fingers crossed!

The more I think about the more it turns into a dream I want to reach….

The best thing ever is that I have my old teachers support. They think I can do it, they think I will be a good teacher and they hope I will be able to take over for them in a few years from now. To know that you have people behind you feels great, but in the end it is up to you to believe in you. Those behind you can point in different directions, they can reason with you and also encourage you, but you are the one that will have to make the climb to what you want in life

Thanks to old teachers, my family, my friends and my fiancé, I will climb high and reach what I want in life.

Carpe Diem



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