Deadman Wonderland

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I have just finished the anime Deadman Wonderland.

Imagine, a private own prison, this prison is not like any state prison. It is an amusement park. The inmates participate in different shows shown to the public to earn their living inside the prison walls. But the story is not as joyful as it may seem, if that is how you look at it. There is something else going on. Prepare to be disgusted yet still amazed at the raw scenes.

I sat curled up on a chair during the whole show. The only thing saving me from painful nightmares is the fact that it is made up. It is still a very raw anime, it is the worst I have ever seen, yet one of the best. I really think you should be at least 18 years old before watching this anime, at least!

If you want to read more about the anime click HERE.





Today I’m euphoric.

In May I applied for a grant, I wrote my motivation and attached ten pictures I have done. The grant is meant to go to young artists living in the area of Sweden where I live. Today I got snail mail through the door telling me Congratulations.

I have been jumping up and down all afternoon with a huge smile in my face.


One of my dreams will come true!


Here are a few of the pictures I attached to my application.

Croquis sketch.

Still life/model, oil painting.

Still life, oil painting.


All lightheaded and stuff by all happiness inside me ❤






I tried again… I made a new sceleton, I pushed through and tomorrow I might have a finished sculpture. I sat all day today, here are today’s work.

It still looks a bit deformed, but tomorrow I will put it in the oven for a while and then it will be all hard and then I just continue to add clay, really smart. I will probably get some more of this clay, it is really fun to work with. But don’t be fooled… it looks harder than it seems : )




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With a cup of tea in hand I enjoyed my breakfast on the balcony today. I knew I would clean the apartment a little today. A week ago I smashed a spider above where I sleep and since then I have not been able to shake the thought of spiders living behind the bed. I imagine spider nests and spider children all over. And one night my last thought was that it crawled spiders all over me, like this youtube clip:

I really hate spiders! they are distgusting….

…sooo cleaning… still have to do it though and it was like 10 hours ago I sat on the balcony, funny how time works…

I have been doing something creative at least. I got some clay from a friend a week ago named SuperSculpey. I can tell you right away that doing a sceleton in wire was quite easy, but when it got down to actually apply the clay I noticed that it is really important to have a solid sceleton. If you don’t have a proper sceleton from the beginning then the clay won’t have anything to attach to and the clay will just not shape like you want. which is why I stripped my sceleton clean from the clay. I might not have a clay figure but I do have a pretty awesome bird sceleton; ) Anyhow here are some pictures!

I had to put on pretty much clay on the beak since I had not done the framework as good as I should have done. The clay can be used again so I will try again!!

..And now time to take care of what I believe are spiders behind the bed…



Tatto design in progress 2


Finally, I am not finished with my tattoo sketch yet, but(!) I have a pretty finished idea now in my head.

I don’t have one of those fancy scanners so I take pictures with my phone for the time being, and it sucks I tell you, sucks… I promise the sketch looks much better “in-person” than in this picture, but I still think you get the idea.

Behind the cloudish mist hides a bunny. I made the kimono-sword-woman on one paper and then I do the monsters on a different. I love doing things by hand. I would really love to ink this with some markers and then be done but I think the absolute best approach is to flirt a little into borrowing a scanner and flirt some more to borrow a wacom and then finish it in photoshop. Sometimes I wish I had one of Tony Starks super computers where you can add, remove and zoom in and out and so on and just do it by hand but still by computer (film version) ; )

Flirting…. well I know a few I could ask about a scanner, I mean I really just have to borrow it for 10 minutes or so… and then there is the wacom trouble…. I could ask my sister to hand me my old wacom I gave to her… that could work but then I really need to make sure I the right updates for it: ) This could work out, wish me luck!

Oooh this is all so exciting!


Tattoo design in progress


I have not started a new painting yet and not started to carve in lino yet.

To be honest, I have not done much useful today at all, this weekend have just drained me! and not to mention last week. This coming week will be different though. It is the week before my summer job begins and it feels like I can finally catch my breath.

When I check my sketch book, I see a lot of notes and a few drawings, not much to brag about. But what I do feel good about is that I think I have managed to make a rough outline of the tattoo I want. What is left to do is to arrange it and ink it to my liking. I will probably go see a tattoo artist this coming week to get an idea about the price, and also see if the tattoo design can improve or such.

This is as far as I have gotten… All I think about now is to finish the final sketch and book meself a time at the tattoo artist and for the day of the actual tattooing. This will be tattooed on my upper left arm ^____^

If you have any suggestions or comments, please, feel free to leave a comment: )

Graduation gift


My sister graduated yesterday, her treat was to go to cinema, since she did not want to go out party all night long… but there was a reason for that… she was sick in the beginning fo the week. Anyhow, we went and saw the new film Snowwhite and the huntsman.

I really thought it was amazingly made film, it was really grand and the views were wonderful, and I like the old stories from old times. But what disturbed me was all the loose ends. I don’t want to spoil to much. The evil queen was amazing, the scenery was amazing, the story is good but(!!!) where the hell did that god damn white horse come from??????

Here you can watch the trailer.

The movie is worth seeing! don’t get me wrong : )

Jewelry making


I have made earrings today.

I attended a glas course a few weeks ago, where I made these glas drops above.

These two glas drops where made by the artist Björn Nyström, who invited us to the glas course. I got these from him and today they have been made into earrings.

I suppose I’m no huge jewelry-maker and the process is pretty fiddly but when it is finished it is pretty damn nice to be able to say that you have made it!


Creative thoughts

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Is there anything better than a walk when the sun is setting. My almost-neighbour gave me company through the leafy paths around the stream near by our homes.

I just love how the sky behaves in different settings and with clouds and all ❤ If I could I would paint the skies, but it feels like that magic moment passes quick, unfortunately. But I will really try to catch some amazing skies in paintings but until that day you will have to make do with photographs.

This weekend I got some time to sketch. I got called in to watch over a dying person at work. And, to stay awake I put the pen to the paper and let the hand do the rest. When I work nights I usually have my sketch book in my bag, just in case I come up with a brilliant idea. And usually I end up drawing a few self-portraits of how damn tired I am at times. Below shows how tired I was this certain night; )

Tomorrow I will make room to do some real work here at home! I will clean of our huge table to decorate it with linoleum and tools to carve in it. I will put my easel right and prepare something to paint on, and so on. My sister graduates from school on friday as well so I have some preparations to make for that too. But wow, my fingers itches, I hvae to create something this week!