Tatto design in progress 2


Finally, I am not finished with my tattoo sketch yet, but(!) I have a pretty finished idea now in my head.

I don’t have one of those fancy scanners so I take pictures with my phone for the time being, and it sucks I tell you, sucks… I promise the sketch looks much better “in-person” than in this picture, but I still think you get the idea.

Behind the cloudish mist hides a bunny. I made the kimono-sword-woman on one paper and then I do the monsters on a different. I love doing things by hand. I would really love to ink this with some markers and then be done but I think the absolute best approach is to flirt a little into borrowing a scanner and flirt some more to borrow a wacom and then finish it in photoshop. Sometimes I wish I had one of Tony Starks super computers where you can add, remove and zoom in and out and so on and just do it by hand but still by computer (film version) ; )

Flirting…. well I know a few I could ask about a scanner, I mean I really just have to borrow it for 10 minutes or so… and then there is the wacom trouble…. I could ask my sister to hand me my old wacom I gave to her… that could work but then I really need to make sure I the right updates for it: ) This could work out, wish me luck!

Oooh this is all so exciting!



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