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Sister relationships


I don’t know about you, but I did not like my sisters much when I was younger. We fought quite a lot and we did not really get along, we were just too different. But today, a few years later I can sincerely say I love my sisters. They still do fucked up stupid things, the change from when we were kids is that they don’t hit me when I tell them they are fucked up or stupid, they put on a really ugly face of expression and listen to why I think so, as they did not do when we were kids(still a few ugly faces when we were kids though).

We grew apart but now I feel like we are growing closer again. I suppose we are not all mend together yet, but I would say we are darn close at least. And as funny as it might sound, I think we grew tighter when I moved out……..oooh I just “black-sheeped” meself….. hmmmm

Happiness, we are closer ❤


As easy as breathing


I have read a blog who Endling owns, Sketchatorium. He gives good tips and motivation to just put up your pencil and just sketch.

When it comes to it, to put your pencil to the paper is as easy as breathing.

I got really inspired by Endling during my two recent nights of work and decided to just let me hand work the paper.

If you want to check it out in close up click the image and it will get a lot bigger.

I managed a self portrait as I do now and then at work, just to show how damn tired I am sometimes.

The balance of the present and the future


Everyday I’m longing for the next day, and the next….

I have plans coming up that makes me smile when I think about it. But, as my fiancé told me this morning indirectly; live in the present as well. These plans though is not only what I will be doing in the nearest month or what I want to do in the nearest six months. It is simply ideas for the future in general, it can be 3 years in time or 7… Even if it is dreams and fairly realistic ideas I know that everything don’t happen as you plan it, so I know there is a x-factor that may change everything.

I like making plans, even though they don’t turn out as I planned them to, they still help me think more clearly of what I want.

Note to meself; Plan for tomorrow but don’t forget to live today.




Remember the book series by Melissa Marr I mentioned earlier. I was inspired. I have begun cutting in lino… or rather, I’m in the end of the lino cutting. I won’t be able to print it until school starts, since I don’t own the proper tools. But, I will show you the rough sketch and how far I have cut.

I’m a bit worried that I might have fucked up a few parts when cutting the lino, but then I will just have to fix it later! I was a bit devastated since I knew I hadn’t got any permanent markers in my drawer, but, it miraculously solved… I have used crap pencils before that left lots of colour on my hands due sweat so I thought I could just use my promarkers. Shit the same. But no! Promarkers is stable for this kind of task, no colour on my hands! Yay^____^

When I cut in lino I rarely stick to the rules of cutting away from yourself… I cut one way and then another, around in circles and against me… perhaps I should make sure to have a proper first aid kit at home in the future… if you have worked with lino before, have you ever had any inkuries due to cutting in lino? It feels like I’m about to cut myself more often than rarely, I have not done so yet though….

I managed a few other odd sketches as well during my final night of four this weekend.

I have one more to show you tonight, but the sketch was so weak so I fixed it by actually doing a speed painting of it in photoshop a few minutes ago.

I sometimes get these quite creepy and morbid ideas…enjoy(?)


Reading era


Something did actually pop up in my mind when reading. Perhaps I will make those thought visual sometime soon.

This is the first book out of five by Melissa Marr, I finished the last book last night. I found a great review by Tori HERE. The first book lays a good base for the remaining books. You get to read from different perspectives, which makes the novels a great deal more interesting than if you just had to read from a womans perspective!

Anyhow, one night to go and I will reread my absolut favorite novel A discovery of witches by Deborah Harkness.


Pure joy and inspiration.


gaining inspiration


I must admitt, I have not drawn as mush as I planned to. I have been reading a whole bunch of books though. One could argue to read to gain inspiration, but I would also say it is quite relaxing. I am working this whole weekend, four nights, and bringing a book is perfect since it is pretty easy to just put it down and continue later : )

I think I would draw more if my small sketch book hadn’t run out of blanks. Put up on my to-do-list: buy small sketch book!

I’m no reader in general so when I feel like my stack of books is getting smaller I will pick up my artist tools again^___^


Picking up my brush


If I want to be good at what I do I need to practise. So I made a list, a list of what I want to be better at. One of the things that poped into my head was to practise still life drawing in general. There were other things that came to mind as well, like perspective, draw by model, portrait… I suppose what I want is to have a stable foundation to work from. Here it goes, I drew a cup today…

There will probably be many more cups, but I thought I would start out light and then add on as the summer passes.

I also picked up the brush today. Remember the acrylic painting I had begun on, if not press HERE. I continued today…

It is not finished yet! *putting down the brush to think about the next move*