Creativity, Scribbles

I try to make things every day, but sometimes I just don’t. I suppose you can compare it with working out, you cannot work out every day your have to rest as well, same goes for being creative for me. I have an acrylic painting waiting for me, it is for the moment placed so that I pass it several times everyday, I need to think it over before I continue, what is my next move(?). I have a wire sceleton waiting for me to be finished, but perhaps I will just make a new one…

I have material here at home, I have everything needed to paint, cut lino, draw, etc. My creativity stretches a bit further though. I really like to make up imaginary plans for the apartment, the future, this instant… I like to plan things, even though it might not get like I wanted I still have an idea of how I want it.

Today I have not held a brush, but I held a super heavy plant I bought to cover up our huge windows in the bedroom, if it really covered up much I don’t know but it looks pretty. I also just happened to find two pillow cases: )

I think what I’m trying to say, with a detour, is that I need a break from the paint or whatever it is to be able to pick up the brush and continue with the same spirit and inspiration. And while I do other things I tend to pick up new inspiration and ideas how to make it work. Yet I still think that doing something creative everyday is relaxing, but creativity is objective, do what makes you feel good.



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