Remember the book series by Melissa Marr I mentioned earlier. I was inspired. I have begun cutting in lino… or rather, I’m in the end of the lino cutting. I won’t be able to print it until school starts, since I don’t own the proper tools. But, I will show you the rough sketch and how far I have cut.

I’m a bit worried that I might have fucked up a few parts when cutting the lino, but then I will just have to fix it later! I was a bit devastated since I knew I hadn’t got any permanent markers in my drawer, but, it miraculously solved… I have used crap pencils before that left lots of colour on my hands due sweat so I thought I could just use my promarkers. Shit the same. But no! Promarkers is stable for this kind of task, no colour on my hands! Yay^____^

When I cut in lino I rarely stick to the rules of cutting away from yourself… I cut one way and then another, around in circles and against me… perhaps I should make sure to have a proper first aid kit at home in the future… if you have worked with lino before, have you ever had any inkuries due to cutting in lino? It feels like I’m about to cut myself more often than rarely, I have not done so yet though….

I managed a few other odd sketches as well during my final night of four this weekend.

I have one more to show you tonight, but the sketch was so weak so I fixed it by actually doing a speed painting of it in photoshop a few minutes ago.

I sometimes get these quite creepy and morbid ideas…enjoy(?)



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