Sister relationships


I don’t know about you, but I did not like my sisters much when I was younger. We fought quite a lot and we did not really get along, we were just too different. But today, a few years later I can sincerely say I love my sisters. They still do fucked up stupid things, the change from when we were kids is that they don’t hit me when I tell them they are fucked up or stupid, they put on a really ugly face of expression and listen to why I think so, as they did not do when we were kids(still a few ugly faces when we were kids though).

We grew apart but now I feel like we are growing closer again. I suppose we are not all mend together yet, but I would say we are darn close at least. And as funny as it might sound, I think we grew tighter when I moved out……..oooh I just “black-sheeped” meself….. hmmmm

Happiness, we are closer ❤



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