Where magic will happen


My number 12. My work space in school.

It might not be in order just yet, but it will be. I share desk with just the one classmate I want to share it with. This will be an awesome 2nd year in school.




Number 12

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We gathered up. We were nervous, I was nervous. The time had come, to pull a number from a cup. This number would tell us our future for the coming year, this number would give me my own space. I have my whole hand in the cup with 13 other’s hands. I pull my piece of paper hand hold it tight, I peek at it carefully and listen to what everyone else have got. When I saw where my spot would be I was devastated, I could not see myself at that spot. Never. End of discussion. As it happened this space had a window and I know several people who wanted daylight when working. I yell: “I have a window who wants it!!!?”. And from the bottom of darkness several yells. One classmate is faster than any other and grabs my hand. Any other space than the one I got will be better. And I got the exact number I had had an eye on this morning. Number 12.


First day in school


Conversation with my graphics teacher.

-When can I start printing the lino prints I have been carving this summer? I mean, can I do it tomorrow afternoon or do you prefer I wait a while longer?

~I would appreciate if you waited.

-How long? one week.. two weeks?

~Two weeks.

-I see, I cannot even print in the late afternoon?

~No, if you do it, then it could cause a chain reaction which will make a mess.



Patience is a virtue indeed.


The beginning of something new

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I have a story in mind, I think I have mentioned it before. What if I take one day a week to just write, like sundays, nothing special happens on sundays, right(?).

I think I have a concrete plot evolving in my mind.
The conflict will probably be about relationships but I want something more, something from the fantasy genre, I have to think some more. Would it not feel quite easy to figure out if the only problem was a love triangle by example(?), no, I need something more.

I know how to write and use my words, but I feel like it is really hard to write and hand it out to get feed back. Not that I am afraid of feed back I love getting points so I can get better, but I suppose I am a bit worried about the copyright thing. So for now I will hand it out to my nearest and dearest to read ❤ I have to say I have not gotten very far since I feel like this is the beginning of something new but who knows now and then I might post somehting about it.

It would be awesome to be able to accomplish something like this.


Whenever you are among people, look around. If you see red hair blowing in the wind giving off the scent of vanilla, that could be me.





Living my own life

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I always listen to what people have to say. Each and everyone of us have the right to think, speak and breath as they like. Sometimes I even agree with you, but mostly I think in a different way, but on the other hand who think alike?

I listen to my parents, but sometimes I do not – mostly due to the habbit they have of badgering. Their job of teaching right from wrong is over.

I think I will just live my life now.


I had my first sitting two days ago at the tattoo studio. It was amazing ❤ This tattoo will be amazing when it is finished! It is time to reveal the sketch the tattoo artist has to work from. ❤


NOTE: Contest has ended.



Sometimes you just have to dive right into a project. I have had this on my to-do list for quite some time, and since school starts in two weeks I thought it was a pretty good idea to start with it so I hopefully are close to finished or finished with it when school starts. Oh right, for those who don’t know, this is a sketch for a linoleum print. It is sketched right onto the linoleum and then I will carve out lino where I want it to be colourless when I print it. It might not look like it but this print will be pretty big, assuming from eye-measuring about 1 meter wide and around 70 cm high. I will absoluteely start carving in it today. The easy part is to do the sketch, the hard part will be to all the time imagine light and shadow togheter with the actual picture I have drawn. Wish me good luck ; )

Speaking of linoleum, I have an ongoing contest where you can win a print! Press HERE to to be directed to the contest. Short fact comes below as well.

Draw or write an idea. Send it to my e-mail: linneaahlberg@live.se before the 21 of august. I will choose one winner, whom’s idea I will make into a lino print. The winner will get this print sent to him/her and be featured on my blog.

Anyone can join with any idea! I wish you good luck : )


Possibilities <3


Mom is the best!

She comfort me when I think about the syringe I probably have to endure. We enjoy the woods together, she makes really yummy food. She makes the best pastries. She tells me how I could solve problems. You know, what moms are for!

It seems likely my mom will support my plans on making a studio in one of her smaller houses in her huge yard. It will be some work I’m sure but it will be awesome! I might be a bit too excited since we just spoke about it just ten minutes ago. But my hip is hurting as hell and I need to visit the doctor tomorrow so I really need this kind of enjoyment : )

The space where this studio would be is in a huge loft. I don’t think I will make it all into a huge studio, since that would be way too big for small me, but the opportunity still is there if I would change my mind and want bigger space : )

It looks like this kind of

It is in that corner of the loft I want o make a studio. And as you can see it really needs to be made from scratch pretty much, imagine the adventure!

The truth is that I cannot relax as I would like to at home, there is always other things to do and if I don’t do them I feel guilty. I really need a second place to work on my art! And most of all space : )

To know that I could have my own studio out in the countryside is not the only enjoyment. The thought of building it myself makes it an even greater enjoyment!