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I have been looking for new headphones for a while now, and also had my eye on this piece of candy. Today I became proud owner of these above! The thing is that my old ones, you know the standard phones for Iphone, the leak the sound a bit to much. I don’t really give a crap about it, but I thought I could be considerate for my fellow classmates I share studio with in school, I share with like ten persons, I better play nice. And besides, I like the thought of being able to go into my own world when working. I don’t mind talking, but sometimes you just have the need of being alone. In my own world my rules apply.


Kulturnatten part 2

Creativity, Scribbles

Later last night I went to see a friend from school playing with his band Neo Pangea. They were really good, such energy, you could not help but leave with a smile. And smile I did, I met up with some more friends and then we all went out with a few from the band and just had a good time.

1. It is fun to dance

2. It is exciting to drink bright pink shots

3. Good company is the best ❤

Below is a preview from last night show with the band Neo Pangea. Note the crazy drunk in red dancing his arse off!

Kulturnatten part 1


Yesterday the town Norrköping had what the call “Kulturnatten”. It is a day of culture, music, art, dance, shows all around the town and most of it is for free. Roughly translated; The night of culture, the town is awake the whole night.

As was I.

In one of the squares the city had made walls out of black plastic and put it up in a circle. On these walls you could see graffitti artists painting in action.

My fiancé and I checked out tons of exciting stuff and then we went home to have a swedish fika. ❤


Hanging exhibition Tekniska verken


I have had the primary contact with the woman letting us hang our art at her work place, Tekniska verken in Linköping. Today was the actual day of hanging our works on the walls. Yesterday I took control, I hate last minute surprises when it comes to this stuff. So, sorry mates for chasing you yesterday…and today. We all had to make sure to have cv’s and a price list to hand in to this woman in charge. I got the last cv 3 minutes before we started to pack the car. One of our hangers decided her art work names in the car. Everything went smooth! The actual hanging went perfectly, we were great! And everything was hanged, nothing was left out, we pulled it together nicely. Below you can see a few photos from my day.

(Ye, Malin, I think I managed to make your butt look nice as you demanded)

Above you see my contribution, and meself in the corner.

The vernissage is on monday, more pictures to come.




Our guest teacher is really good. She is like an art psychologist, I feel good inside and it feels good to have someone knowing who I am without having to speak much about it, it shows through my art. It will be exciting to see how allt his will evolve through out our five weeks with her.

Sickness lurking


Have you had the feeling of sickness lurking around the corners just waiting to grab you and put you in bed for one week or more. I have the feeling of this, it is just a matter of time and I will be grabbed. And since I kind of know this will happen I do everything I can to be prepared. I make sure to work extra hard in school so I won’t get behind. I drink lots of tea and try get my beautysleep. I had the feeling of fever this weekend and then it just went away, weird.

New schedule


Today the original schedule was set in motion. My mondays and tuesdays will be filled with oil painting. Now for about five weeks we will have a guest teacher. She works in the opposite way than me and I think I can learn very much from this woman. My fingers crossed that this will work out fine and my paintings will be better, that I will be better…

Week update

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I messed up my alarm yesterday when I thought I put in the right settings. I overslept this morning, which sucks, since I missed the croquis lesson. Our teacher was cool though she will let me catch up with a double lesson in a few weeks.

I managed to hand in the scholarship application today. Now I keep my fingers crossed ❤

I also skipped down to the tattoo studio around the corner to continue on my tattoo. I suspected I would have to schedule another sitting, I was right. It might sound a bit far into the future, but my last sitting will be in 6 weeks. That’s due to school work, Berlin-trip with school and exhibitions coming up. I’m in no rush though

Well that was that before the weekend. Next update will probably be in the beginning of next week. If it isn’t raining tomorrow I will be in the woods all day long! I will prepare for the worst, mmm warm rubber boots<3

Have a great weekend !

(What would you do if you found a huge bunny outside your window one morning? a)Feed it b)Scream c)Go back to bed)