Now it begins


From today we will paint for three weeks ❤

This is made with acrylic paint. This was a special assignment for today. We would begin a painting on the theme nature. After a few hours we switched painting with a class mate who would continue on it, to later switch back and you would have the final word. Above you see my final product. There was a twist though. Before we began with the assignment we all wrote six cards with commandos, every now and then our teacher made us take a card and then we would follow what the card said. The only reason my painting above has a pink background is because of a card telling me to think pink. The core of the assignment was to become braver when painting. One card told you to start all over, another to think square, another to stare at your painting for 5 minutes, and so on. The cards almost got addictive.

When we thought we were finished we got an extra task. To go outside and paint a plant of some kind. The painting below is made with acrylic paint.

The day was coming to an end. I waved bye to my closest and skipped right back to my number 12. I thought it was time to print linoleum.

I usually do not carve more when I think I’m finished, but this one will go under the carving tools once more. An updated version will be printed.


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