Hanging exhibition Tekniska verken


I have had the primary contact with the woman letting us hang our art at her work place, Tekniska verken in Linköping. Today was the actual day of hanging our works on the walls. Yesterday I took control, I hate last minute surprises when it comes to this stuff. So, sorry mates for chasing you yesterday…and today. We all had to make sure to have cv’s and a price list to hand in to this woman in charge. I got the last cv 3 minutes before we started to pack the car. One of our hangers decided her art work names in the car. Everything went smooth! The actual hanging went perfectly, we were great! And everything was hanged, nothing was left out, we pulled it together nicely. Below you can see a few photos from my day.

(Ye, Malin, I think I managed to make your butt look nice as you demanded)

Above you see my contribution, and meself in the corner.

The vernissage is on monday, more pictures to come.



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