To not catch the moment

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To catch the moment and do what comes to your mind is what keeps you sane. It keeps me sane. If I feel like doing something, I do it. If I get the urge to paint, the inspiration, why should I not act on it. Even though you got other things going on at the same time, if this sudden urge is what you need to keep on going, act on it.

I like planing. I like making up things to do. In the end though, I will probably do what comes to my mind as well and not just follow a structured plan. Somewhere along the way you need to catch the day and do what comes to your mind. Now I make examples from my reality as an artist, but it can be applied to anything in your life.

I have been thinking of getting dreads in my hair. I think it is really nice to have pretty pearls dangling from your dreads. So instead of not doing it, I did it. Only one though, to practise on so to say. But I did it. I like structuring things, making plans, but most of time I think I actually am doing what comes to my mind.

Today I had to rethink this concept. My work space was getting a bit forgotten, I did not know where I had all my things and it felt like I had many projects going on. I started to clean my space. I have many unfinished projects I really should finish. So, for a while now I will be finishing stuff before starting on new projects. I have a million ideas though, but it will feel just as good to finish things up and have them ready to hang in exhibitions.

I have three paintings waiting for me, and I am longing to paint them.


Happiness written in ink


Today I visited the local tattoo studio House of Pain in Norrköping. Today was my third and final sitting with Jenny who has been tattooing my upper arm since august.

My design and Jenny’s skills. I will be back in a few weeks so she can take photos for her portfolio and also check so it looks cool after healing. The photo above is absolutely not the best, but my thought is to upload perfect pictures when it has healed up properly. Anyhow, I’m really happy it is finished and I wanted to share my happiness ❤

Here are the final sketch I made for the tattoo artist:

Berlin trip

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My expectations were low. I had a picture in my head that Berlin would be run down and messy. Anyhow, I was looking forward to make my acquaintance with a new city since I really like seeing the world and different cultures.

We left Sweden at 6am monday the 22nd of october. The journey down to Germany went by bus and after a few hours we made it to the south of Sweden and Helsingborg where we would take a ferry to Denmark. After 20 minutes we reached Helsingör and from there we drove straight through the danish lowlands down to Gedser to take the ferry to Rostock. After almost 2 hours we made it to the Germany and from Rostock we drove yet a few more hours to Berlin. We reached Berlin around 8pm in the evening. That evening I just chilled out with a classmate at the hostel.

Day two, tuesday, began with a round trip in the city. We got around with the bus and made a few stops along the way. The day continued with lunch and two museums; the Gemälde Galeri and Neue Nationalgaleri. The Gemälde showed old art and the Neue modern art. This day ended pretty much the same as the first day, but with the delight to see two elderly koreans play “go” at the hostel and later I played with a few germans. I suck at it, lost, and got taught more about how to think, I knew the principles though, win ; )

Day three, wednesday, started at the Ägyptische Museum, where we would among few things see the Nefertiti bust. In the room where Nefertiti was you were not allowed to speak nor take photos, and if you broke any rules you were thrown out from the Museum. After a quick lunch at the Stat Bahnhof the scedule told us to go to the Hamburger Banhof gallery to see modern art. But I did not, I’m not really interested in Andy Warhol and his likes so I went with a classmate to the Museum of Ethnology. Today ended with a few beers and lots of fun and singing and laughs.

Day four, thursday, started at the Pergagonmuseum. Here you could see huge portals and walls reconstructed in original from the old Babylonian time. We also visited the Alte Nationalgaleri which held german artists and from around. In the afternoon I went with a few classmates to the aquarium in the middle of Berlin, that was pretty fun. This was our last night and it ended accordingly, with a party.

Day five, friday, the last day. We had to check out from the hostel at 10am and the bus would go from berlin at 5pm and in between we were free to do what we want. I pared up with a classmate and checked out some really cool stores and cafés. The last thing we did was to shop some food to have on the longer ferry journey, the food did not taste good on the way to Berlin so we thought it probably wouldn’t on the way back either. The journey home felt long, I was home yeasterday, saturday, at 9am, and had during the night slept for, at the most, 4 hours… and not in a row. This Berlin trip was really fun! Below you can see the sunrise in Sweden.

What I thought about Berlin before my journey is not the same as when I left Berlin. I really liked Berlin. It was a nice city, easy to get around, nice people, good food, clean city in general, exciting. I will go back to Berlin some day.

Gift card

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How about getting a gift card where it says that you can have one of my lino prints on a shirt. That is the solution to the question “What-to-give-a-relative-when-the-birthday-is-coming-up?”

This relative choosed the print “A stroll in the woods in good company”. His birthday was a few months ago, and then suddenly he knew what print he wanted.

Today(yesterday) another relative had his birthday. He got a gift card, we’ll see what he chooses.

Dancing models


The only lesson on fridays is croquis. Normally we are at school, drawing a nude model, not today. the school I’m attending has not only an art programme but a programme for dancers as well. Today they had like an open studio which we from the art programme was invited to. Our croquis today was to draw these extremly fit people, not nude though, and catch their movement. It was really fun.

They started out with yoga, which was really great warm up for us who drew them. When they had had a break they continued and danced hiphop, I think it was. and after another break all of us could join in for some house. It was really fun and we will probably make this collaboration again.





Funny how drawing class turns into a painting class. It all begins with the teacher who speaks about the artist Gerhard Richter whom we will see works from in Berlin next week. She shows us pictures like this one below. If you put his name in a search engine you will see monochrome pictures that are very simplified and abstract, but also other stuff he’s made.


Suddenly we are to make a similiar approach to the canvas, straight on.

We lay a base of plaster mixed with a monochrome acrylic paint, the plaster is there to give a non-blank surface to work with. Before it dried up we could make lines in the colour by using for example the wrong end of a brush. When it all had dried up we used charcoal, we crushed it, drew with it and polished, we simply used the charcoal to get dept in to painting as the foundation was monochrome. The first below is the one I made in class and the others are what I did after school. Those I did after school had more than one colour… because I wanted to try it and see how it went.

Final decision


I had questions. I am so bad at what rules apply when numbering prints. I know my name and the year should be there, but the other stuff has not seemed that important until now. A few asked for numbers during the vernissage of my exhibition, and now I have to make a decision. I asked the graphics teacher about it and he told me  have a really important decision to make, no shit.

Here is the thing, there is certain guidelines…rules to follow when you number your prints. I have to decide for how many prints I will print, during my life time. When I have decided that’s it. A low number of prints can be attractive while to many lowers the value. I took a decision.


“One in a crowd”, 21 will be printed, 3 has been sold and one is the artist’s print.


“Waiting for freedom”, 21 will be printed, 2 has been sold and one is the artist’s print.

There are a few loopholes, but not for the public. These are what will be printed and no more. If you are interested in a print, do not hesitate to contact me via mail:

These can be viewed at my exhibition at Café Broadway.


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Comission: Illustrate the annual economic report for Lunnevads folkhögskola (the school I’m attending). A few different small lino sketches below, the avergae theme is flowers and animals, it seems. And as it happens it was more than the actual report, my pritns will be a part of the powerpoint presentation of the report.

Comission: Illustrate the label for a honey jar. The first jar has already been given away, but that specific jar was a rush job for the principal, who wanted to give the first honey jar with a label to an administrator who’s birtday was coming up. Now I have to make sure there are a jpeg file witht he label so that it can be copied as many times as the school wants. The first one was handmade.