Tekniska verken Vernissage


Today was the day when you actually see that your work has paid off. I had some really hard time putting together the frames for my paintings. It is not that I have not done it before it’s just that I’ve had so much bad luck with it so it feels like I suck at it. Last time I made a frame it turned out be three frames and the third fit well enough. This time I made sure to measure really carefully, I double checked my measuring and began to saw my pieces. I did also made sure it fitted nicely to my paintings. And as they fit nicely I began gluing the wooden pieces together. My frames turned out perfectly. There was just one thing when the frames were done, they did not fit at all. I cursed my frames and a teacher came running to see what the fuss was all about. He could not imagine me measuring wrong since I am accurate when doing stuff like this. He came to the conclusion that my frames were 90 degrees and that there are no wrong there…. but my paintings are FAR from 90 degrees, it was the paintings that was bad guy here. My measuring was perfect! So I had to do it all over again and this time I glued everything together in one piece so that when the glue had dried I had a finished framed painting.

Above you see my contribution to the exhibition, and below you see more pictures from the vernissage.


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