Sickness and Creativity

Creativity, Scribbles

I have a habbit of never submit to sickness, you know the thought : “I am never sick…”. Oh well, I am. I have been pushing it infront of me for a while now. I had a deadline for the honey jar today, I had to rise and go to school, and so I did. Many of my teachers thought I should take the early bus home, I couldn’t though. I cannot know how long I will be sick, so just to be on the safe side I finished up the last work for my exhibition next week. Everything goes accordingly to plan, I have time to be sick until tuesday! I don’t like it much though.

I think I will be spending much time to sketch and cut some lino, but for now this will do. Drew it the other day.

It feels like these guys have been popping up now and then, who knows, maybe this can be more…?!
And ye, btw, I handed out cards like this one below yesterday. I handed one to a cake baker, and he suggested I should have an exhibition in his café too. Exciting!


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