Lack of concentration


My goal was to feel joy today when painting. I started painting with brush in the middle of my canvas.

And then I took lunch.

One may wonder what I did until lunch… I had a view of my paintings from this term and the last with the guest teacher. As usual an eye-opener. After lunch I continued with brush, and when I had done a few strokes on the jug I lost my concentration and everything failed.

I usually mix my colours with my brush, since I just simply think it is easier to mix and just apply to canvas. The guest teacher thinks we should mix with palette knife and so we do. But, the convenience of mixing and applying disappear, now I have to mix with knife, put down, put up brush, paint – oh no, I have to mix again, and the very same procedure again. Exhausting. I started to paint with the palette knife. The only thing painted with brush is the jug, the rest is with palette knife. It felt good.

It was my first time painting with a palette knife and I will absolutely continue to use it, but also use brush. When I used the knife I got happy, it was fun and my concentration came back.

Stay tuned, next week we will paint by model.


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