Funny how drawing class turns into a painting class. It all begins with the teacher who speaks about the artist Gerhard Richter whom we will see works from in Berlin next week. She shows us pictures like this one below. If you put his name in a search engine you will see monochrome pictures that are very simplified and abstract, but also other stuff he’s made.


Suddenly we are to make a similiar approach to the canvas, straight on.

We lay a base of plaster mixed with a monochrome acrylic paint, the plaster is there to give a non-blank surface to work with. Before it dried up we could make lines in the colour by using for example the wrong end of a brush. When it all had dried up we used charcoal, we crushed it, drew with it and polished, we simply used the charcoal to get dept in to painting as the foundation was monochrome. The first below is the one I made in class and the others are what I did after school. Those I did after school had more than one colour… because I wanted to try it and see how it went.


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