To not catch the moment

Creativity, Scribbles

To catch the moment and do what comes to your mind is what keeps you sane. It keeps me sane. If I feel like doing something, I do it. If I get the urge to paint, the inspiration, why should I not act on it. Even though you got other things going on at the same time, if this sudden urge is what you need to keep on going, act on it.

I like planing. I like making up things to do. In the end though, I will probably do what comes to my mind as well and not just follow a structured plan. Somewhere along the way you need to catch the day and do what comes to your mind. Now I make examples from my reality as an artist, but it can be applied to anything in your life.

I have been thinking of getting dreads in my hair. I think it is really nice to have pretty pearls dangling from your dreads. So instead of not doing it, I did it. Only one though, to practise on so to say. But I did it. I like structuring things, making plans, but most of time I think I actually am doing what comes to my mind.

Today I had to rethink this concept. My work space was getting a bit forgotten, I did not know where I had all my things and it felt like I had many projects going on. I started to clean my space. I have many unfinished projects I really should finish. So, for a while now I will be finishing stuff before starting on new projects. I have a million ideas though, but it will feel just as good to finish things up and have them ready to hang in exhibitions.

I have three paintings waiting for me, and I am longing to paint them.


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