Secret (for one person)


I’m working on a really cool project, the thing is that I can’t show you my progress. Why you might wonder. It is a gift for a friend turning 25. I will show it though when she has got it in two weeks.

If she is reading this, it is definitely a teaser!


Late days

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Daily life.

The will to get really good and the time it takes to get decent.

Ye, I have been exploring that time the recent 2 weeks or so. Sure I was in school late before too, but now I stay later still. There is less than two weeks until I depart to London, and since I won’t be home until christmas I have quite a few things to sort out until then.

A new guest teacher has entered the building, she is all about assignments. This week I have been working with a toy car.

I never draw cars, even less paint them. So, I have been playing around a bit with the notion of a toy car. I kept the still life relatively simple, I have learned that you don’t need a huge still life to paint a still life, even a small one will challenge you.

The remaints of the week will be to prepare to hang my class’s exhibition that will have its vernissage on saturday.

Delighted Ophelia

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Remember when you were a child. You were maybe outside playing and when you got inside again you had some kind of animal with you. I know I found all different kinds of animals I wanted to take care of.

Click the image to view close up: )

Wanna see more of my conceptual art or some more real-life-based-things, check out my portfolio HERE

Good monday


Today was the first day with the new guest teacher. We found out that we would not only paint. I feel kind of relieved, it is nice with variety. Today we drew sketches, it was a perfect start to a monday. We got assignments,and as I gather this guest teacher loves assignments.

Some “Inside out” art work was done too, take alook in my portfolio HERE.

Bedtime story

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Soon time for bed, I thought this piece could be a good picture to put up tonight, I made it a few days ago. If you want to view morre conceptual art like above click HERE and click your way to whatever you want to see in my portfolio: )

The last two nights I have been sleeping good, yet not. It feels like I have been sleeping kind of shallow and I have dreamt from the moment I close my eyes and till I rise from bed and I even remember my dreams. It feels weird. I want a night of really deep sleep, so when I wake I feel relaxed. Since tomorrow is a new day and a new guest teacher, which means four weeks of intense painting.

Wish me good luck!

Developing Inside out

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I was thinking the other day about Inside out, you know the big guy and the sweet girl and all the birds. Can I make comic-strips? and if so what should I make them about. I just started out and then it hit me, when you were a child and stood infront of the huge candy section in the store, your parents told you that you can buy candy for 2 pounds and when they look away you start your mission. When they come back you have estimated candy for 2 pounds.

I also have to make a few things clear. I took a walk with my beloved the other night. We spoke about my creatures and Inside out. The big guy, has no real name yet, he is not her parent, he is a part of her. The girl, who I think I’ll probably end up naming Ophelia, is a naiv, persistent, determined, manipulative child, whom like everyone else has a better half. That better half is the big guy. The birds then? For me birds is a metaphor for freedom, someone needs to make sure Ophelia’s birds are alright, big-guy-job.

I am not all sure about all the details, but they will probably come along as I develop my ideas.

Online Portfolio

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So I have been thinking of getting an online portfolio. And I made one…not all yet finished though, I still think it needs to be polished. But, I thought I should share it with you all, and if you want you can tell me if it looks good or if it needs some special improvements.

Here are the link: Link to my PORTFOLIO

I have a feeling you never get really finished with projects like this, that you will always make improvements. This is my start though.


End of week 46


This week is coming to an end. One of my teachers wanted to put up some pictures on the webbsite she manage for the school, to show of what we have been doing this week, and offcourse she finds me.

Above I’m doing a two-colour print with my photopolymer sheet. Below is two of the colour prints I have made today.

I have also done a screen print to print on textile.

I also added the text: Inside out. I’ll see if I can ask my finacé to take a photo with me wearing one of my shirts I have printed, the print looks awesome anyway.. I hope it looks just as good on.