Late days

Creativity, Scribbles

Daily life.

The will to get really good and the time it takes to get decent.

Ye, I have been exploring that time the recent 2 weeks or so. Sure I was in school late before too, but now I stay later still. There is less than two weeks until I depart to London, and since I won’t be home until christmas I have quite a few things to sort out until then.

A new guest teacher has entered the building, she is all about assignments. This week I have been working with a toy car.

I never draw cars, even less paint them. So, I have been playing around a bit with the notion of a toy car. I kept the still life relatively simple, I have learned that you don’t need a huge still life to paint a still life, even a small one will challenge you.

The remaints of the week will be to prepare to hang my class’s exhibition that will have its vernissage on saturday.


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