Something organic




A water colour painting I made in school before I went to London.

Here are the link to my portfolio, where you also can view this water colour painting. LINK



Find your way to relax


I made a list for my weekend of stuff I wanted to do. It felt like a good idea to do stuff I want to do, usually when you do things you like it lightens your mood a bit.

I happened to come across a really good water colour tutorial on youtube, I found the artist in the video really good at explaining, and one of the things I really liked about it was that she shows how you can work with water colours without adding her own style into it. This video is very technical. A few might not like that, but I do.

Below are a few tries I did today.



I really want to make a forest like a friend from deviantart has done! Check this out: LINK This guy is amazing!

I still have a week left before school starts, and I find painting with water colour very relaxing and there is not much pressure, so to say.




When I went to London I got inspired. I met lots of new people, one of them had this cool tattoo right below his arm fold. It was three skulls, so I just had to draw my own version of it.


It turned out quite petite and I like it. So I popped into the tattoo studio today to just speak to them about it. I left with a booked time. Before I left I turned some pages in some of the books they have there, and off course I want to do even more tattoos now. Below are two of the ones I fell inlove with.


This bird would be awesome to do right behind one of my ears!


And this one would be awesome to do on the inside of my wrist, yes it seems like I have a dilemma here. I have a time booked for a small tattoo, I wonder which one it will be…


Christmas gifts

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One of the christmas gifts I made and wrapped up this year. Other than this it is practically only ceramics that has been given away.

I got some books this year, one with the whole art history in it, and that is perfect since I am not that good at it(!) and then a book I have been waiting for; Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness. I mostly got money though, I don’t mind. Those money will be put in a nice jar which will be labelled: LONDON.

Christmas came and went, I think I’ll go hide somewhere on a beach next year…

The print above can be found in my portfolio as well: link


Life drawing with light and shadow…

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…That was the name of the short course I attended in London last week. It was amazing to say the least. We had really good models, one female and one male. The male was pretty fit, and I have not got that much of experience with fit models, so he was a real challenge to actual put on paper.



I made more drawings throughout my week in London, I will upload more in my portfolio. Press the link below to get to my portfolio and then press the button “sketches”.


This experience and trip is the best thing that ever happened to me. Next time I might not come back home.


The Old Vic Tunnels


Near where I lived in London there was this amazing tunnel where it is legal for anyone to paint graffitti. It was huge!





I found a few paintings I really thought was nice or pretty: )


This one above was a painting in the making, I just loved the character to the left. Both saturday and sunday you could see the whole tunnel filled with people painting and also feel the smell of spray paint in the air.



This tunnel is actually one of my favorite spots in London, it’s like a gallery of contemporary art. Don’t think you will see the same paintings the day after.





I home… home? I’m back in Sweden anyway, but if I would go that far as to call it my home is unsure.

I went to London to live there for twelve days and it became my home. I have met new people and many of them became my family. It felt good to have good people around me, who I knew would be there for me. Going to school felt natural, hanging out with friends after school felt natural. Even though my accent is not perfect yet I felt more english than swedish.

My twelve days was eternity when I got to London and when I realized I had only two more days I started to panic, how could I ever leave.

It took me no time to adjust to London, but it really feels weird to be in Sweden again, this will take time to adjust to.

I’ll be back to London, soon!



London here I come…

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A friend up north told me I should expand my universe regarding my conceptional art: Inside out. So far I have just snowed in on the characters mostly. But where do they live? Is it a fairytale or real life based? How do I want to present it later on? Maybe a clear introduction is in order. I have at least named them both now.

Kiho and Ophelia

What does this have to do with my trip to London? I am going to one of the facilities of the university of London to draw nude people for five days. This will be awesome! But, I will also have time to kill…the airport…some nights sitting with a beer…. the transfer…. the tube…and so on…

I am planning to really think about my Inside out-universe, and share when I come home. I’m not sure how much I will be able to blog during my absence, but you can be sure I will bomb my blog with pictures when I come home and share my experiences!





C. 25 years

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I can finally show you the gift I made for my friend who turned 25 this weekend. Sorry about the light coming in from the right it is a bit brighter than the actual painting. Anyhow, she seemed to like the painting, it got a spot right away on her wall and I am also really pleased about how it turned out. This painting will be added to my portfolio, link can be found  in the right column: )