What is a drawing?

Creativity, Scribbles

The question in the title is what our guest teacher have been asking us. Drawing and painting are neighbours and the line is faint. The assignment is to make a drawing from what we have been doing, take inspiration from our classmates, play with the notion of what a drawing really is. I have been working with the assignment today, I think I’ll work with yet another tomorrow in school, just for fun.


I have been working with the bigger shapes, and not gone down to small details. I worked with it like a collage, why you might wonder since it is clear I have not used a pencil. But must a drawing be made with pencil? Say I would use the above collage as a sketch for a wall painting, then it would be alright as a drawing/sketch right? Tomorrow when I work with this assignment I will draw a few monsters and figures and put them together to form a still life motive and then recreate what I see down to paper. The idea to make your own still life from scratch came from one of my classmates. I mean what ever I put infront of me and recreate on paper must be a drawing from real life, or?

Anyhow, I think it is really interesting to discuss what really makes a drawing a drawing. Any ideas of your own?



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