Working from home

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Time for some afternoon tea!

I am working from home today, I have not felt so well the last couple of days. But I am way to restless to lay around doing nothing so I am taking the opportunity to work with my project work, since I have a piece that have to be finished by monday. And I’ll tell you, this is going good and strong!

While sipping on my tea I really want to givet he best wishes to my friend Lilié Biskopsdotter, who has been standing in a studio recording songs for her album and is about to start shooting a music video in a few days. Good luck and have FUN! Here is a music video she made a while back.



Just a day of rest

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Sunday, a day of rest. And while everyone is resting I am restless. I go to the store to buy t-shirts to print on tomorrow. I go down to the basement to work out. I take along nice bath. I come up with ideas for a a friend who wants a drawing from me, and think I have got it! I have decided (I think) on which tattoo I want tomorrow when it is time to get a new tattoo. I have done some stuff with wire.

If someone was to ask, I didn’t do anything special, I just relaxed.


An inspiring day

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Yesterday I went to Stockholm.

I saw some inspiring art and met a few inspiring people as well. I went to Stockholm with my class and we visited the National Art Gallery and the vernissage of the spring exhibition at the Liljevalchs Gallery. Below are a few of my favorites from the vernissage.


(Unfortunately I didn’t catch the name of the artist)


Maria Jokitalo “Haren som ville vara flicka” (The hare who wanted to be a girl) Oil on canvas


Anders Sköld “Efter måltiden” (After the meal) Oil on canvas

During lunch I met up with an old friend, that was a very inpiring and fun meeting. So much have happened since we went to school ten years ago, we have both grown up to do what we love and we can do anything. Creativity is expressed in many ways, I can make you fall in love by seeing and she can make you fall in love by listening. Her name is Lilié Biskopsdotter and she are an amazing singer. She has a swedish blog where you can view the excellent desserts we had, keep you updated on her career and so much more.

Lilié Biskopsdotter Blog

This was truly an inspiring day for me ❤




Taking one step at a time

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To make a story. Is it possible to just start out without knowing anything? Can you write about things you don’t know anything about?

I know lots of stuff. Maybe I should start from there. To write a story from what I know. I am thinking about my “Inside out” story. People say I have my own style of drawing creatures and characters, I suppose I can agree with them. So If I take that style and put it together with my fondness of going out in the woods, and put that together with my wishes for the future, do I have a story? I have just today begun to write down a base-story for the “Inside out” idea. This will be exciting.

The school I’m attending gets jobs coming in for us art students from different people. There is one illustrations job right now for a childrens book. The thing is that all these jobs are things we will have to do on our spare time, so you got to make sure you have the time. I want to take it, but I don’t feel I am ready yet. This could sound odd to some people, offcourse you should do everything that comes in, but there is so much and then you have school too. And then I come backt o the question of concentration, to choose you direction, how you want to use your skills. I do also think I need to somehow work through the ideas I have with “Inside out”. If I do not do that I will probably have a hard time moving on to illustrate other things.

One thing at a time. I need time for me inbetween being ambitious.Right now I want to do things that make me happy. I want to work on “Inside out”, and I want to put in my soul into my project work. Lets start there!

Here are some conceptual art for the “Inside out” story, LINK.


To smile every day

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The past two weeks has been all about the project work in school. You get a lot more tired when planing your own days than just dancing behind the teacher’s plans for the day. I am preparing for an application for the university, and since I will be one of many many applicants I will not show you anything of what I am doing when it comes to my project work. Sorry.

I have promised to give myself more me-time and that includes time  in school to work on other things than my project work. So this is not the end. I will upload stuff, but maybe not as frequent as I have been uploading the last year.

When working with the project work I need a book where I can write down EVERYTHING. I have a red book, it is very pretty. I thought that I should get happy when opening this book, since I will be writing and reading in it every day. I made one bird… and then it just went crazy… But I smile every time I open my book now ❤