A new year

Creativity, Scribbles

A new year ahead of us. Many people tend to make resolutions, I think I will quit reslutions, I just get stomach ache if I don’t make them come true, and then I will feel unhappy. So my not feel happy?!

I will be keeping an eye on myself and make sure I care for myself, since I have the habbit of forgetting myself somewhere along the road. I will do things that I want to do, because that will probably make me happy. I want and need to travel to be sane. I want to experience and learn new things.

Last year ended with travel, new people, new experiences, learning new things and developing skills. This year will start with a presentation of my London trip and the beginning of a 12-week project and also hopefully some other exciting stuff I will share when I know more.

I don’t know for sure what this year holds, I don’t know how it all will play out but I do know that I will make the most out of it!

Below a few pictures from my past year.




Ye, not so many art pieces by me but rather a few of the things I have enjoyed this last year. Offcourse there is more, but one of things I love is to visit my mom who lives in the countryside. Walk the woods, cuddle with her dogs, walk in woods while raining… I can usually take a breath and feel relaxed.



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