Narrowing down – Finding your thing

Creativity, Scribbles

Lately I have been thinking about my art. I like to do many things, but the time has somewhat come to decide what I want to use my art and skills for, besides teaching. I am proud of myself to have learned so much about practical art, but how will I use my knowledge to produce art in the future?

Many people have said to me that I don’t need to choose, well, I want to choose. I want to allow myself to get really good at something.

Where am I standing today?

I want to illustrate. I want to make tattoo designs.

I think it is time to actually start saving up for a new tablet. I have decided that I really want to develop my wacom skills. Ye, I know I have a lot I want to do. I want to learn japanese. I want to finish my teachers degree NOW…..


Above is a really bad photo of what I have been doing the last couple of days. I saw these amazing birds on the webb, and is now trying to merge it with my own style.



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