To smile every day

Creativity, Scribbles

The past two weeks has been all about the project work in school. You get a lot more tired when planing your own days than just dancing behind the teacher’s plans for the day. I am preparing for an application for the university, and since I will be one of many many applicants I will not show you anything of what I am doing when it comes to my project work. Sorry.

I have promised to give myself more me-time and that includes time  in school to work on other things than my project work. So this is not the end. I will upload stuff, but maybe not as frequent as I have been uploading the last year.

When working with the project work I need a book where I can write down EVERYTHING. I have a red book, it is very pretty. I thought that I should get happy when opening this book, since I will be writing and reading in it every day. I made one bird… and then it just went crazy… But I smile every time I open my book now ❤






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