Taking one step at a time

Creativity, Scribbles

To make a story. Is it possible to just start out without knowing anything? Can you write about things you don’t know anything about?

I know lots of stuff. Maybe I should start from there. To write a story from what I know. I am thinking about my “Inside out” story. People say I have my own style of drawing creatures and characters, I suppose I can agree with them. So If I take that style and put it together with my fondness of going out in the woods, and put that together with my wishes for the future, do I have a story? I have just today begun to write down a base-story for the “Inside out” idea. This will be exciting.

The school I’m attending gets jobs coming in for us art students from different people. There is one illustrations job right now for a childrens book. The thing is that all these jobs are things we will have to do on our spare time, so you got to make sure you have the time. I want to take it, but I don’t feel I am ready yet. This could sound odd to some people, offcourse you should do everything that comes in, but there is so much and then you have school too. And then I come backt o the question of concentration, to choose you direction, how you want to use your skills. I do also think I need to somehow work through the ideas I have with “Inside out”. If I do not do that I will probably have a hard time moving on to illustrate other things.

One thing at a time. I need time for me inbetween being ambitious.Right now I want to do things that make me happy. I want to work on “Inside out”, and I want to put in my soul into my project work. Lets start there!

Here are some conceptual art for the “Inside out” story, LINK.



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