An inspiring day

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Yesterday I went to Stockholm.

I saw some inspiring art and met a few inspiring people as well. I went to Stockholm with my class and we visited the National Art Gallery and the vernissage of the spring exhibition at the Liljevalchs Gallery. Below are a few of my favorites from the vernissage.


(Unfortunately I didn’t catch the name of the artist)


Maria Jokitalo “Haren som ville vara flicka” (The hare who wanted to be a girl) Oil on canvas


Anders Sköld “Efter måltiden” (After the meal) Oil on canvas

During lunch I met up with an old friend, that was a very inpiring and fun meeting. So much have happened since we went to school ten years ago, we have both grown up to do what we love and we can do anything. Creativity is expressed in many ways, I can make you fall in love by seeing and she can make you fall in love by listening. Her name is Lilié Biskopsdotter and she are an amazing singer. She has a swedish blog where you can view the excellent desserts we had, keep you updated on her career and so much more.

Lilié Biskopsdotter Blog

This was truly an inspiring day for me ❤





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