Sun outside – me inside

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It has been another day of pure sunshine-heaven outside. I have been inside. Working.



Ice sculpture on a sunny day

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Pictures below by me (Linnéa Ahlberg)





Pictures below by Ida Gyulai. (I am the one in purple)





There is always a first

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My first try (ever) to paint my fiancé. It took me about 3 hours to complete this one, I think he at first thought it would be chill to just sit and watch movies and now and then look at me. He got quite sore in his body. I will have to try this out again though! To paint myself is nothing but when it comes to painting others, wow this was a challenge, everyhting is different from how you normally see yourself…since it isn’t you.

Good practise every now and then ❤


Painting – continuation

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Actually, in regard of where I (can) put my mirror I started all over kind of. I am a bit unsure of the bit above (my) the head, but for now I will leave as it is and sleep on it. It feels good, I am a bit relieved I remember how to paint since I practically haven’t painted since mid-december.


Friends make you feel good

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Every now and then you have to relax with your best friends. Yesterday we watched Star Wars. Everyone was on to the idea to see them, the trouble was to decide in which order. Would we see them from 1-6 or 4-6 and 1-3 or would we see the machete order 4-5-2-3-6. My fiancé told everyone why we should see the machete; if you see 4 and 5 you get the beginning without spoilers, and then you see 2 and 3 to get Darth Vaders background to then see episode 6 and get conclusion, Machete is was. Normally you have seen them  a bit now and then and hacked up, now when I have seen them all together I can honestly say the I loved the episodes 4-6 best.

Pizza for dinner, pizza for breakfast. Today I am ready to work with my project work after a few days of rest. I love meeting up with my friends and hang out with my fiancé, they are the best ❤


Mosaic and mirrors

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We knew this was a week when the art programe would work in groups around a theme… more than that… we were clueless. On monday this week the teachers announced that we would create fashion that can be worn and have in mind that it would also be art. Today it was the last day and we had a runway show.


Above you can see the other two in my group. It started out with the black tights the man is wearing, we glued smashed plates onto the tights in a mix of mirror pieces. We had so much fun and from there it went on to the other things they are wearing. we wanted to create a story somewhat. We named the collection The mirror king and the protector of the mosaic guild. Before the runway show started we were presented with a poem we put together.

In the land of thousand stones far away
Through corridors of mosaic the mirror king walk
Behind, her follower and protector watch
Is all a dream, will we wake?

When these lines had been read music started to play: Detektivbyrån – Life/Universe.

Now I was supposed to be the best and just upload the actual runway show, but I seem to have trouble with youtube for the moment, I will upload it as soon as I can.

Next week is a week of break from school, I will be working though, but I will sleep in a few days…or all!






Time to relax

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IMG_4641a little black holeSIGN2

I have a few stress related symptoms, which is starting to show…with a few more popping up. The stress is born from my inability to relax from work, in this case my 12-week project in school. I have made a few decisions to make it easier to relax and the bottom line is: Back to my original plan. Perhaps it sounds a bit cryptical… I am allowed to be a little cryptical, it will be clearer later on.