Friends make you feel good

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Every now and then you have to relax with your best friends. Yesterday we watched Star Wars. Everyone was on to the idea to see them, the trouble was to decide in which order. Would we see them from 1-6 or 4-6 and 1-3 or would we see the machete order 4-5-2-3-6. My fiancé told everyone why we should see the machete; if you see 4 and 5 you get the beginning without spoilers, and then you see 2 and 3 to get Darth Vaders background to then see episode 6 and get conclusion, Machete is was. Normally you have seen them  a bit now and then and hacked up, now when I have seen them all together I can honestly say the I loved the episodes 4-6 best.

Pizza for dinner, pizza for breakfast. Today I am ready to work with my project work after a few days of rest. I love meeting up with my friends and hang out with my fiancé, they are the best ❤



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