Sharing a moment

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I have been cleaning today, out with winter and in with spring. I can see my desk now, and I like it! I lit a candle tonight and it threw lovely shadows on my plant, so tonight I am just sharing a pretty moment.




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My easter egg above, containing of really dark chocolate and nuts mainly. While my fiancés egg below was more… traditional.


It was really fun to make my own eggs, I think I’ll do the same next year^^



Another application

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To go into how I am going to order my studies is quite boring and very technical so I will just go straight to the art!

The self-portrait thingy went, well it went straight to hell… so… I am applying to another school instead and the day after hell I started working on the application, which offcourse include art samples. It felt quite ok though since the first task in the application was about portraits. I am going to use photos as reference and then work with multible colour print with linoleum. I really enjoy working with linoleum but not really had the time to try out to print with more than one colour so this will be really exciting. Below is one of my possible reference photos, I have not decided fully which ones to use yet. And I will be a bit crypitcal about the actual assignments I have to do for the application, since I still want to show you all what I am doing but at the same time not give away all my plans.



Frustration and failure

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So this week about painting self portraits. What is important is colour just like the week before.

Yesterday I prepared a wooden board so that I could paint on it today, I experimented with some texture clay I had laying around, as you can se in parts of the painting. Until lunch everything went fine. I was stupid enough not to take a picture of this fairly good job I had put down on this portrait. After lunch I put on a transparent brownish colour, my aim was to just get an even colour to work from, because before it felt like I couldn’t decide really what colour to use. I kind of started a bit all over when I did this, but it felt good, and then it just went straight down to hell from there. I failed so miserably in comparrison to what I wanted to make. I rarely sketch my paintings with pencil or charcoal, I use a lighter colour and sketch with my brush. But I just felt like it couldn’t get worse, so I use charcoal and made a sketch on top of this mess to hope I would be able to save it from its disaster.

Right then and there my teacher(not my teacher in painting) thought it would be great to have  a chat about my project work, he comes in and points at the painting from last week. He really liked that one. And then he looks at my mess of a portrait. Silence. It was horrible, he points out how I shouldn’t put so much effort into the sketch but the colours instead. I should paint like I did last week, I should bring that with me into this assignment too. And somewhere inbetween I tried to tell him about my process, and most importantly, how I usually NEVER use charcoal or any other straight-on sketch method. He blurts out some artist I should look up, tell me we will talk tomorrow and leaves. Did he even hear me?

The artist was not very good, plain boring artist to be honest. I did not get much through and all I have done today is waste my time on a really bad painting.


I am not that fond of showing off work I don’t like myself, but I kind of promised someone to put up some kind of process, and here it is.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I will make sure to make it into a productive day. I will bring everything bad from today and make it into something brilliant tomorrow. I even heard it will be sunny tomorrow, what could possibly go wrong?


Week of still life

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Ye, many wouldn’t choose this destiny for themselves, but I have. Last year when I went my first year in my school we did this alot, and you just were so damn tired of it. But now I do it by free will. I have joined the first year students to paint in three weeks, to brush of my skills to see colours. I get instant feed back from the teacher who is brilliant. He put up this still life, and nothing is by coincidence, there is a thought behind it all! I do it because of the applications I am preparing for the university and what I have to paint for that. Many universities want to see if you have basic knowledge of colour, and in general, basic knowledge of everything regarding art. So to prepare myself I will Do this in three weeks to brush up my skills a bit. This is this week’s assignment. It went decent, I felt much more secure in mixing the colours and applying them onto my wooden board. Next week is theme: self-portrait.




Sparkly glitter all over

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The best thing about easter is that it means spring has come and winter gone. But, another fun thing about easter is candy eggs. But this year I take a stand, I will not have candy in mine, my stomach hurt so much so I better not. Instead I wish for really dark chocolate and nuts ^^

It is still fun to give away candy though, what better than making your own eggs to put the candy in. One of those times when you can crazy with sparkly glitter and everything. This means that in this written moment I have glitter all over my face since I cannot help but touch my face without thinking.




As you can see, work in progress. I will make two eggs, one for me and one for my fiancé…. I am a bit tempted to make a few small eggs from scratch for a few close friends. From scratch means making the eggs from nothing to something, I have what I need to make a few in papé mache.


Art studio delux

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Today was a good day. I am going to share an art studio with three friends, and today we signed the contract! We will get the keys before easter ❤

A few odd pictures of our to-be-studio


The studio will be in an basement, an old bicycle storage, so we have these really exciting hooks in the ceiling.


They use it now for storage, so yes the to-be-studio will be all cleard out when we get it ; )


This is so exciting! I will be able to continue with my art, with friends around me who want to do it too.

Yes, a good day ❤


A drawing for a friend

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I have friend who really wanted a drawing I have made so she ordered one from me. And this is it.


I feel really good about how it turned out! And she seemed really happy about it when she texted me ; D

My dear friend has a really awesome blog: LILIÉ  BISKOPSDOTTER

You can also find this drawing in my PORTFOLIO


Wall painting 2 days

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The last two days I have been doing a wall painting in a very long corridor. This corridor is a home for teenagers, I can not begin to imagine what these kids have been through. The staff seems really caring and it seems like a a really good place to come to. The corridor was about 35 meters so everyone in my class got a piece of wall for themselves to make a painting on. The idea was to paint a frame with an art piece within it. And in the end it would be a corridor of permanent art. I finished mine today and here are pictures from my two days. It was so much fun!






And below is the finished piece. I will be uploading this wall painting to my portfolio with a few more photos and close ups later tonight. Here is a link to my PORTFOLIO.


The staff and the teenagers seemed to really appreciate my wall painting, and I feel really good about my work.