Sparkly glitter all over

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The best thing about easter is that it means spring has come and winter gone. But, another fun thing about easter is candy eggs. But this year I take a stand, I will not have candy in mine, my stomach hurt so much so I better not. Instead I wish for really dark chocolate and nuts ^^

It is still fun to give away candy though, what better than making your own eggs to put the candy in. One of those times when you can crazy with sparkly glitter and everything. This means that in this written moment I have glitter all over my face since I cannot help but touch my face without thinking.




As you can see, work in progress. I will make two eggs, one for me and one for my fiancé…. I am a bit tempted to make a few small eggs from scratch for a few close friends. From scratch means making the eggs from nothing to something, I have what I need to make a few in papé mache.



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