Week of still life

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Ye, many wouldn’t choose this destiny for themselves, but I have. Last year when I went my first year in my school we did this alot, and you just were so damn tired of it. But now I do it by free will. I have joined the first year students to paint in three weeks, to brush of my skills to see colours. I get instant feed back from the teacher who is brilliant. He put up this still life, and nothing is by coincidence, there is a thought behind it all! I do it because of the applications I am preparing for the university and what I have to paint for that. Many universities want to see if you have basic knowledge of colour, and in general, basic knowledge of everything regarding art. So to prepare myself I will Do this in three weeks to brush up my skills a bit. This is this week’s assignment. It went decent, I felt much more secure in mixing the colours and applying them onto my wooden board. Next week is theme: self-portrait.





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