Another application

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To go into how I am going to order my studies is quite boring and very technical so I will just go straight to the art!

The self-portrait thingy went, well it went straight to hell… so… I am applying to another school instead and the day after hell I started working on the application, which offcourse include art samples. It felt quite ok though since the first task in the application was about portraits. I am going to use photos as reference and then work with multible colour print with linoleum. I really enjoy working with linoleum but not really had the time to try out to print with more than one colour so this will be really exciting. Below is one of my possible reference photos, I have not decided fully which ones to use yet. And I will be a bit crypitcal about the actual assignments I have to do for the application, since I still want to show you all what I am doing but at the same time not give away all my plans.




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