Light experiments

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My afternoon. Some light experiments with light, shadow and colour.



A process

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What I will show you below is a few pictures from my process of working with multible colour prints today.


My teacher thought it looked good, and that I have a few good prints I can use. I am too pleased with what I got from this, but even so, I think I can experiment more with what I got above.


A welcomed break

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I have really come to like ink drawings, so here is my latest addition. I usually feel calm when drawing like this and knowing how much I have to deal with right now, it is a welcomed break from what I have to do.


This will also be uploaded to my portfolio, you can find the link to the right in Links worth to discover. For now I will keep it black and white, in the future I might try to do some magic in photoshop, but that is a later project.


The trivial pursuit of a chair

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I would never think my best friend would lie to me, but then all of a sudden she tells me that one of our teachers had told her I would get to take home my chair from school when we quit school. I mean I even had to go to the principal to ask, she did not know how to handle it though so she had to take it to the board meeting. I wanted to believe Sophie but I had to hear it from the teacher since it was a matter between us.



This trivial chair, a nobody is mine! MINE!!!!

Ye, and above you can see my corner of workspace in school.

Mine. Mine. Mine!!


An exchange of ideas between friends

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Tonight I have been sitting around a table with a few guys, they have been painting warhammer and modelling their own warhammer..warriors/troops, whatever… I have not played around with warhammer, I have been modelling a monster. I have had a few different ideas, but decided for this one.


I really want it to have green-yellow eyes when it is done, and they have to be shiny and all adoreable ❤


First I built a framework out if wire and tinfoil and then I decided to give Supersculpey another go.



And then one of my friends opens his mouth to give me some advice, and it was a brilliant advice! Check this out!


Ye, it got a belly-mouth! This will be awesome, and it was so good of him to point this out. Until next time I will give it some claws and bake it in the oven, because then I can start to paint it. So below you can see how far I have gotten.




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What if I could bring the woods to me? I can and I want to ❤

Yes there will be woods in my art-studio-corner, and it will be named Bob…. no…. Narnia…. no…..Home? It will be named when it is done, it is fun to name things. I know this really pretty girl..woman, who named her boobs Piff and Puff. Another friend have named her car Fille. And my island friend named her bunny Arnold. I can name my art-studio-corner to something fancy too ❤