Four women and an art studio taking shape

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This week will be about many things, and one of them is the art studio I’ll be sharing with three more women. All the paperwork is done, we each have a key and today we had our first meeting together in our art studio. We ate pastries, collected the first wine bottle and had a few laughs.

After discusing how we would do this we decided that for the time being just split the room in four and then when we all move in see how it works out. It is easier to see when everything is in place how the space can be used most effective.


I have a plan forming in my head how I will use the space I have been given, I have even started to sketch and make a list. One thing we really agree on, we need carpets! Cold and dusty cellar floor. When we start putting in carpets and fabrics the echoes will probably be less as well.

Wish us good luck!



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