An exchange of ideas between friends

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Tonight I have been sitting around a table with a few guys, they have been painting warhammer and modelling their own warhammer..warriors/troops, whatever… I have not played around with warhammer, I have been modelling a monster. I have had a few different ideas, but decided for this one.


I really want it to have green-yellow eyes when it is done, and they have to be shiny and all adoreable ❤


First I built a framework out if wire and tinfoil and then I decided to give Supersculpey another go.



And then one of my friends opens his mouth to give me some advice, and it was a brilliant advice! Check this out!


Ye, it got a belly-mouth! This will be awesome, and it was so good of him to point this out. Until next time I will give it some claws and bake it in the oven, because then I can start to paint it. So below you can see how far I have gotten.




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