A switch of gifts

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A close friend of mine turned 25 yesterday, so I sent her a t-shirt with a dreamcatcher print on, which I had made. Check out her blog to see very lovely she looks wearing it!

Lilié Biskopsdotter Blog

HERE you can see when I printed the t-shirt.


This lovely woman texted me a few days back just asking about my favorite colour, I answered blue and purple. Tomorrow I turn 25 and today I got a package, CHECK THIS OUT!




She made me a dreamcatcher! I just love it! This will hang in the bedroom window ❤ ❤ ❤

Who knows, maybe I make one and send back to her during the summer just for the fun of it, and because I know she really like dreamcatchers! ; )




My last day

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Today school is over.


I am checking out! My heart hurts a little, I don’t want to leave, there is so many people I want to keep close. So much more I want to do, so much more I want to tell my teachers, so many more hugs to give my closest friends. Is it really over?

I know I will be back to the fall, I am going to hug you all again, hug all my teachers, feel the fresh air and take a walk in the woods right around the corner. Though I will be busy with other studies I will take the time to visit more than once a semester ❤

This has been the best experience by far!

I will be back to ask questions, question you and hug you ❤



The process of painting a selfportrait PART 3

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Here you can find part 1: LINK

Here you can find part 2: LINK


Today was the last day in school. Our teachers put the self portraits on the wall yesterday. But if you remember from the first part, it was not finished at all, and truth be told, I painted it all over and began from scratch…


I followed the same base as from part 1, the difference from my first try was that I didn’t try to paint by a sketch from a paper on the side… I just start thinking about how wrong it all is in comparrison to what is. This time I actually put a mirror infront of me! And below you can see how it all evolved.





I did do I frame too, as you can see in part 2. So below you can see how it looks all framed and all, also a few close ups.





So above I am showing you a few close ups, why? isn’t it the whole picture that matters? well I personally love going to the big museums with all the old art, but what fascinates me is not the whole picture, it is the stroke of the brush if you go up close to the paintings. I even risk to set of the alarms when I want to see the brush strokes. When I can see the work up close I can easier appreciate it.

This was not the end of this though.

Today and eternity this portrait hangs in Lunnevads folkhögskola, with my classmates portraits as well.




This school has collected every second class portraits since, was it 1991 I think. This is the largest collection of portraits in Sweden…the world?





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Today I printed a t-shirt for my friend Lilié Biskopsdotter. She really wanted a dreamcatcher, and that is what she is getting. I made a drawing for her a while ago and she liked how I had designed the dreamcatcher in that drawing, so I used that drawing as a reference. Here you can find the reference drawing.







I am really pleased with how it turned out. The amount of colour and the lines makes it look old and loved! I really hope Lilié will like it too. And it is linoleum I working with.


The blog of Lilié Biskopsdotter

Check out her blog, she recently released two songs to spotify, and has a third release in june ❤




Lines on acrylic base

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When I draw I usually just take a plain piece of paper and draw in black and white, so to say. It is easy and straight forward, and it feels good. Even though I like the black and white it can sometimes me nice with maybe one colour to work with to get some other tone to work with. I made an experiment. I painted acryliv colour on a plain paper, a bit thicker than usual, and it turned out really good, it did not crease much at all. And then I tried to sketch with my waterproof pencils on this surface. well here is the result.


I also tried out the aqua brushes on this surface as well, that got a bit messier. I had already figured out it would not stick to the acrylic surface so black lines and the thicker lines are made up of the waterproof pencils, the colour though is the aqua brushes.


In a few places I have just played around smudging the aqua brushes. The colours are pretty transperant and as the acrylic foundation is a yellow colour a few colours was really hard to use.

I think I will continue to use the aqua brushes where they are supposed to be used but I will absolutely keep on using the waterproof pencils like this. The surface has less friction than an ordinary paper and it is a fun way to change your way of working.


The process of painting a selfportrait PART 2

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Here you can find part 1: LINK


I have been thinking of incooperate birds in my selfportrait, and as seen in part 1, I tried and then erased it and who knows what it will look like in the end. I decided though to have a few birds on the frame.



The frame is built of wood and so are the birds too, and just painted black. I usually paint these kinds of birds black so I thought it fitting to have them black now as well.