The process of painting a selfportrait PART 1

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When you have finished your second year at the school I am attending you are to make a selfportrait. This portrait will be hanged on the walls of one of the bigger studios we have in school. I started yesterday to paint it. I had this idea about how I wanted it look, I made many smalls sketches and came to a conclusion of which drawing to use as a reference.


As you can see above, I started to  draw it onto the wooden canvas and paint pretty transparent to be able to see the outline.



I have found myself to draw these black birds in almost all my drawings I do so I thought that I should incooperate it in this selfportrait too, later I changed my mind.


Above you can also see that I have added the same black outlines as in the small drawing in the first picture, I wanted a clean look and that it would have a graphic feel to it. I had a problem though. When I drew the small picture I did it pretty swiftly and to copy it to the larger wooden board was not as easy as It hought. When I thought I had it down right I started to see things, see things I earlier learned, like where the ear is supposed to be in relation to the eyes and nose and how the neck is to long and I started to want to change it more to reality than to fiction. This style of painting is not very like me either. So now I thought..I should just paint it over and start all over. I turned the board over and just started to paint on the other side to get off my frustration over my failure of a selfportrait.

Now, This will be hanged on the wall for generations to come, so it better be the best thing I ever do, no, no. This is not the finished product. The exhibition of my class’s portraits will be shown in two weeks approximately, and that is also how long you all will have to wait to see the result of my selfportrait. And as a teaser, today I continued on my selfportrait and I started off by painting it all over to get a new foundation to start off from.



2 thoughts on “The process of painting a selfportrait PART 1

  1. Den var ju fin ju! Du har fått till ögonen bra, men du ser så allvarlig ut och det är ju inte du Linnéa!

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