A thousand stars and butterflies

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It started here.


I have been playing around with water colour, I really like how the colours blend into eachother. A sweet friend commented on that by saying “Oh, very hippy”, well ye perhaps..but really no, nooo. More like it is easy to make me happy. I really like the small things, a feeling, a little something that makes me feel like I have butterflies in my tummy, or something. For instant, on saturday I will put my toes into the sand by a lake, happiness and bliss through and through ^^

Anyhow this small project grew, I started to make more of these and got the suggestion to put them all together to form a kind of installation.


All I could think about when I did these, one by one, was stars. Imagine the clear night sky with a thousands stars. In the end of the summer I will lie down watching the stars!



And above you have a few close ups, I think I probably should scan these to get the right feeling to the blending of colours, but this will do for now, perhaps I will put up a little something in my portfolio later on.


Well this was all for tonight, I have made a few drawings during the last couple of weeks too, but those really have to be scanned before I upload them, I tried to take photos of them but it looks like…. a dark place. I will probably put up a drawing or two during the weekend break.



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