The process of painting a selfportrait PART 3

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Here you can find part 1: LINK

Here you can find part 2: LINK


Today was the last day in school. Our teachers put the self portraits on the wall yesterday. But if you remember from the first part, it was not finished at all, and truth be told, I painted it all over and began from scratch…


I followed the same base as from part 1, the difference from my first try was that I didn’t try to paint by a sketch from a paper on the side… I just start thinking about how wrong it all is in comparrison to what is. This time I actually put a mirror infront of me! And below you can see how it all evolved.





I did do I frame too, as you can see in part 2. So below you can see how it looks all framed and all, also a few close ups.





So above I am showing you a few close ups, why? isn’t it the whole picture that matters? well I personally love going to the big museums with all the old art, but what fascinates me is not the whole picture, it is the stroke of the brush if you go up close to the paintings. I even risk to set of the alarms when I want to see the brush strokes. When I can see the work up close I can easier appreciate it.

This was not the end of this though.

Today and eternity this portrait hangs in Lunnevads folkhögskola, with my classmates portraits as well.




This school has collected every second class portraits since, was it 1991 I think. This is the largest collection of portraits in Sweden…the world?





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