Making something unexspected

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And now you are thinking, WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE DOING, that is what I am thinking anyway!


I have been haning around a crowd of warhammer gamers, seeing them every week putting together small miniture models and making game boards and other gear to play is starting to rub off. I wanted to make a castle ruin. My first sketch looks like a “My little pony” castle, so I changed it a little, I put it on a rock ^^

It is far from done, but it is exciting and when I am finished I will probably donate it to the warhammer game club.



The first step

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In the end of the summer I am going to renovate my apartment. The wallpaper for the bedroom has arrived.


Above you can see the example picture, how it can look.

I will have this wallpaper on one wall and the rest…we’ll see!

Looking forward to it!


It’s hanging

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Well, it seems like it will work as a lampshade. The problem is to find a good lamp for it. At first I bought a lamp that gave really good light but at the same time it spread the light a bit to well. The pattern in the lampshade did not come forth at all with this lamp.

On my second try I put in a smaller lamp, it gave a warmer light and it turned out that some of the lampshade came forth, not enough though. I think the problem is that the wire is too thin to come forth as shades on the wall. Perhaps I need to make another try and see if I can change the outcome somehow : )




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I have been working really hard on making a lampshade. Some day it has been a walk on roses and some days it sucks the worst. Today I finished the actual lampshade, yay for me. I bought a base lampshade, like the one below, but a black one.


I thought that if I bought a base I would not have to mind the construction to hold the lamp in place. Today I bought the lamp cord and in some fucked up way it did not match at all. I really thought there would be a standard to these kind of things, obviously not. So what to do, well what else than go at  it with tools and make it fit, there is no other way. I did it, though I doubt I will be able to take it off if I were to change my mind. One could think everything would work now and I am super happy.

There    was    no    connecting plug   !!

Back to the store tomorrow and buy one, and perhaps tomorrow I will have my lamp hanging in the ceiling.

Check in tomorrow to see if I yet again failed or not.



New art in my portfolio

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I have finally updated my portfolio, I am not all done yet, but it is a start!




I still have some issues to sort out. Like, how I want to order things in categories and what to actually show you all. But for now, if you click on category Sculptures you can view new stuff. A few of them was made for the applications for the universities I applied to, what went where is not important though, one thing led to another, literally.


More updates will come : )




One answer

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It has been raining all day long.

Suddenly a noise came from the front door, the mail is here. When I went out to get a cup of coffee in the kitchen I decided to go pick up the mail, which for the record was wet from the rain. I had got a letter from the university of Dalarna.

The letter said:

“Vår bedömning är att dina arbetsprover visar att du har den kompetens och förmåga som behövs för att tillgodogöra dig utbildningens gestaltande moment”
~Högskolan Dalarna

In english, the assignments I sent in has been approved! which means… I have been accepted to my university of first choice!! Yay for me!



Put a brush on the wall

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The studio I share with two other women is a damp cellar with boring white walls, what would you have done if you had wall paint standing around and time to do as you please…








I have to thank my studio mate for the help ❤



Two cars

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One of the assignments for the university of Umeå was to paint a toy car in a window with a car on the outside. I had to make two paintings of the same motive, one with daylight and one with electric lighting. I thought the assignment was boring, I waited to the last minute and found it very… good, it felt like I learned something from it.






So hopefully my hard effort will be enough!! I keep my fingers crossed!




Due dates are over

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Now summer can begin, and all I can do is sit around and wait for answers from the two different universities I applied to. Ok, I start to work next week, and somehow I seem to be able to fill my time quite well, summer will go by fast… Yes! I am saying it! I am longing for the autumn!!

That due dates are over means that I will share lots of exciting stuff I have been working on the last 6 months. I am also going to update my portfolio properly!


So tomorrow will be a day of updates. Stay tuned!