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I have been working really hard on making a lampshade. Some day it has been a walk on roses and some days it sucks the worst. Today I finished the actual lampshade, yay for me. I bought a base lampshade, like the one below, but a black one.


I thought that if I bought a base I would not have to mind the construction to hold the lamp in place. Today I bought the lamp cord and in some fucked up way it did not match at all. I really thought there would be a standard to these kind of things, obviously not. So what to do, well what else than go at  it with tools and make it fit, there is no other way. I did it, though I doubt I will be able to take it off if I were to change my mind. One could think everything would work now and I am super happy.

There    was    no    connecting plug   !!

Back to the store tomorrow and buy one, and perhaps tomorrow I will have my lamp hanging in the ceiling.

Check in tomorrow to see if I yet again failed or not.




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