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I have been working nights this summer so far and I still have a few to go. On the top of my wish list is a scanner so that I can upload my sketches properly. During some nights when the old people have been sleeping I have managed to do a few drawings(I work nights at an elderly home). I won’t show all of them, but below you can view two of them.


I have the habbit of making selfportraits of myself every now and then, here you can see the time as well 😉


And sometimes the pen is just moving creating something without thought, and suddenly it turns into someting that can perhaps be recognized.


More to come.

Take care !




The woods

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Tonight I have updated my portfolio with a few photos and the same uploads can also be found on my deviantart profile.




I will soon get a scanner so that I can properly show you some drawings I have done during the summer 🙂





A small summer update

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Ye, so what have you been up to this summer? I have been working my ars off.

A while ago I had planned to visit my Friend Lilié, who had a home warming party, but I happened to get sick. That sucked, it seemed like a really fun party, and I felt like a bad friend, though I sent her her gift instead.


To see more photos check out Liliés blogg


I will just take the summer as it comes, and when I something exciting to upload I will !

Have a great summer!




Winter is coming

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När löven faller mot marken då närmar sig vintern. Frosten kommer ta blomma efter blomma. Tomma träd kommer bära nysnö och skapa ett vitt landskap där alla spår kommer avslöjas. Nakna fötter mot marken kommer lämna spår då jag går framåt.



When leafs are falling to the ground winter is coming. Frost will take one flower and then another. Empty trees will bear the first snow and create a white landscape where every trace will be visible. Nude feet to the ground will leave a trace as I go forward.




Maybe I should think of some other way to share my texts, any good ideas how to go about it?





A short text

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Det är något som fladdrar i ögonvrån

Något litet färgglatt i mitt inre

Jag har en fjäril i taket

Och likt en slöja av rök sprids glädje



There is something flickering in the corner of my eye

Something small and colourful inside me

I have a butterfly in my ceiling

And like a veil of smoke happiness is spreading


I enjoy playing around with words. Today I wrote the first outline of a story I have had in mind for a while. It took other turns than I thought, but it will be exciting to see where I take it. Until I share my outline I will share a few shorter texts, like this one above. I will write it in both english and swedish.