Week one at the University

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This have been my first week back at the university. I am attending my first term (of three) to add the subject art to my future teachers degree. It seems like I will be having one assignment each week, which I will be presenting int he end of every week, which means that in the end of every week I will show what I am up to during ym weeks.

This week’s assignment was to make 3-5 pictures, that would in themselves describe who you are, your surroundings, your home and so on.So I thought that I would share my pictures, and let you get a picture of you I am too, some of the pictures might perhaps be a bit deeper than what is shown, but if you like, post your comment of who you think I am. That is practically how we presented our pictures; a classmate was to guess the meaning of every picture and then I was to correct them or give them applauses.

My first picture I admitted was a painting I have done this week. Now, the photo is not the best and I will update it when I have had the opportunity to take a picture in decent lighting : )


My second picture, a charcoal picture. The woman in my drawing is a woman named Bambi, and she have given me permission to link you all to her blogg.



My third picture, a photo.


My fourth picture, a free hand drawing.


What will happen next week I will keep a secret ^^



Exposure of Emotions

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Many times I see breath-taking views. A field covered in violet flowers and dried grass, the sun is shining and the sky is blue, a few rocks are peeking up from the soil and my heart skips a beat. A cloud-free night, the moon is shining down on the lake creating a yellow mirror, the stars are shining brightly and the contrasts are just stunning. The sun shining down through the trees in the woods creating this feeling of home. I smile.

Sometimes recently I have had this feeling that I loose my breath a little. As if my heart skips a beat or take an extra heartbeat. As if I smile to myself, though in reality I am smiling. My thoughts wander to the same who.

There, I felt it again.









2007 and new drawings

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These drawings below are from 2007. I have been going through some folders on my pc and found some old stuff, thought it could be fun to check out some old drawings and then redirect you to some new drawings.

den 14 juni 2007 (2)testerbloggSIGN2007



den 8 januari 2007 (2)bloggSIGN2007

I was really into working with the computer as I have friend who really inspired me to work with a wacom. I still want to work digital, I’ll add that to my to-do-list ❤

I also found a drawing which I later finished on the computer, see below.




If you press either of the links below you can see my art and new drawings from more recent and from today.


My deviantart

My portfolio



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Yes, there have been radio silence on my end for a while now. I have had so much to do every day the last two weeks. The apartment is coming along, the renovations are finished and I will show you how it turned out tomorrow when I can take proper photos in daylight. But I will show you pictures from the renovations, and you will get some hints at how it will look 🙂

First is the living room.





My living room is quite long and in hte picture you only see half of my living room, and to get better dept in the livingroom I decided to go dark. It is a deep grey-puprle colour, and a final picture will be posted tomorrow 🙂

And now for the bedroom !





I had to paint some to cover up the green colour so that it wouldn’t be visible when the wallpaper had been glued to the wall.


To bad I am to short to reach everywhere *sigh* My height is 175 cm…. it is not thaaat short, right?

I managed later on to paint that fucking annoying corner 😉



And here you can see my lovely friend and her nice butt putting up the wallpapers ❤

A million thanks to her ❤ (yes she does this for a living ^^)


That’s that…for now….

Tomorrow it is!


What to choose

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An aneqdote from today.


I was just going to buy myself a new vacuum cleaner and a scanner and then all of a sudden I find myself in an outlet for clothes and shoes. I find the whitest shoes in the store and they fit perfectly, and the price was like nothing, I then walk around holding this shoe box really tight to my chest so that no one will be able to take them from me. On my way to pay for these ridiculous white shoes I set my eyes on somehting really colourful, socks. Who do not need socks for the winter, and yes winter is coming just like in Westeros. They were so colourful with stripes and dots and colours, and yes I was jumping up and down like a small girl, and yes I think my friend who were with me turned a few times to pretend I was a stranger.

I paid. And on my way home all I could think about was how I in the best creative manner could make the chalk coloured shoes as unwhite as possible in the most natural way.

I am set for the autumn. Please be autumn tomorrow when I wake up.